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This did not seem a message in line with the national program, and one had to wonder how many barbell lifts it actually took to counter the effects of a sudden lapse into temptation.) Episodes would further drive home the point by having Atom reach some level of minor setback in his efforts to thwart a powerful villain, causing him to dart back into his lair for a few more barbell lifts to further strengthen himself, then zip back into the fray again for a victory that was never in doubt. While telecasts maintained this gentler form of brainwashing, all pretense of subtlety was dropped with the release of the Hanna-Barbera Records LP, “Muscle Magic” (HLP-2041). Greg Ehrbar wrote about it here. This strange project failed to feature the star character for the entire first side of the record, instead following the pattern of a Mighty Mouse formula plot of spending the entre time in setting up a peril, only to have Atom Ant appear like the answer to a prayer on side 2. Yet, after waiting so long for him to show up, Atom does not entertain with witty quips or repartee with a villain as you would expect from the TV show. Instead, after quickly vanquishing the foe, he spends two-thirds of the second side in an “interview” describing his regimen of exercise and healthy eating to develop his muscles – a “pep talk” that ranks as nothing short of a preachment. The hidden agenda of the writers was plainly in view. Again, not surprisingly, this was among the poorest-selling cartoon series LP’s on the label, and appearances for purchase are extremely seldom.

Custom Cartoon Character Rugs

“When it came out, I did a two-day press junket and virtually every interview started with: ‘Too scary for kids, right?’,” Elfman, who composed the music and provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington, recalled to Variety. “I think that’s why Disney was like, ‘What do we do with this thing? We’re a family film company.’ So to come back years later and to see families out there, and to be getting recordings of people’s kids who are 4 years old singing ‘What’s This’ or ‘This is Halloween,’ makes me really feel blessed. It’s like a second life and proving them wrong.”

In September 1978 I got to sit with Clampett for hours in his Seward Street studio recording an interview for the fanzine Mindrot of some of his more outrageous stories about working at Warners and his Beany and Cecil shows.

This segment also referenced a similar sequence in Fantasia that featured a little black pegasus character trying to be accepted by a family flock. Of course, the Disney version did not feature violent confrontations like the Warners version but was much more pastoral.

These are very subtle choices, but collectively along with how the beak, neck, and other parts of the character are drawn, they make the difference in the overall eye appeal of the drawings. It makes me think that perhaps two different Disney artists worked on this advertisement. The brochure illustrations were likely done through the Walt Disney Studios Publicity Production Department, which had created a tremendous amount of ancillary character artwork before, during, and after the WWII period. These brochure illustrations are precisely the type of work that group did and could have been knocked out in a day or even an afternoon by seasoned artists in that department.

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Four of the selections on 101 Dalmatians Sing-Along (60910-2) are stereo remakes using Camarata’s arrangements: “Cruella De Vil,” “Kanine Krunchies Kommercial” (with the announcer), the Shermans’ “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and Teri York’s version of “He’s a Tramp” (though these singers are uncredited). Highly recommended for fans of the score and the ’61 album.Rugs Set

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One of the best animated shows of this new decade returns for a miracle second season tonight. Don’t forget that Tuca & Bertie starts airing on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM starting this evening. Especially if you’re one of the handful who Nielsen actually counts as a TV viewer.

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