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These titles are placed on that cloth doily (upside-down) used on the titles of Clampett’s Russian Rhapsody. Was this doily pattern used in both cartoons – or did Maltese or the Archive mis-match them?

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I am stout, round, and I have found, Speaking poundagewise, I improve my appetite When I exercise.

“When I up, down, touch the ground, It puts me in the mood, Up, down, touch the ground, In the mood – for FOOD.

The little man scores one on the panther when Pink takes up shadow boxing. Spinning off of a routine used in Goofy’s “The Art of Self Defense” (1941), Pink’s shadow moves independently of the panther ad scores a few low blows and swift kicks upon him. Angered, the panther grabs a barbell and rushes the wall on which the shadow appears, intending to use the barbell as a battering ram. However, it turns out the wall panel where the shadow appears is really a door to a stairway leading down to the basement, which the little man flings open after mounting the stairs from below. The panther zips right past him, falling down the steps and landing below with a crash, leaving a hole in the floor and taking out half a dozen lockers in the process.


Diy Cartoon Drawstring Backpack Cheap

Bob recruited Lou “Zoot” Watson to do the voice of “Prince Chawmin” while Mel Blanc provided all of the other voices in the picture. Band leader Louis Armstrong wanted to do the voice of Prince Chawmin’ but was booked on tour.

The remaining complicated plot is a bit off-course for our topic subject. Kit learns from an examination of Wildcat’s map about the guacamole mistake. The two and Rebecca fly to the island to beg for Baloo’s release, only to be informed of the escape. The officer also informs them that the prisoner who escaped with Baloo was a notorious evil scientist, bent since his youth into a dire hatred of gruel, who was imprisoned for attempting to blow up the Thembrian gruel reserves. And plans discovered from the prisoner’s belongings left behind reveal that the plane Baloo is piloting is actually loaded with enough explosives to threaten the reserve again – a flying bomb. Kit, Rebecca, and Wilcat embark on a race to intercept Baloo before the craft reaches its target, and eventually rescue Baloo, though quite a lot of gruel is spilled in the process. Baloo, still overweight, is not turned down by Rebecca for the ball. Instead, she is impressed that he went to such effort not to disappoint her, and presents him with an artificially-slimming elastic cummerbund to wear around his tuxedo like a girdle. She tells him that the way she sees things, “The more you weigh, the more there is to order around.”

I like the Camel design a lot in the demo, looking much closer to Gruelle’s original storybook designs as well as the Fleischer version. While this is only a little demo, it’s a really interesting, almost unknown sidenote to this film’s history.Drawstring zipper Backpack

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