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That’s in reference to the open Celtics head coaching job and former Celtics assistant coach Kara Lawson and San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon.

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He originally planned to switch back to No. 6 in the summer of 2019 when the Lakers acquired Davis, because the big man had worn No. 23 his entire career with New Orleans, but Nike nixed the swap, sources told ESPN, because of potentially tens of millions of dollars' worth of wasted inventory.LA Clippers Swim Cap


Swim Cap That Doesnt Damage Hair

But no matter how many stars a team can roll out during the postseason, any chance of a parade also requires at least one grunt on the roster. Somebody eager to roll up his sleeves, wipe his brow and begin clearing the brush.

Deandre Ayton’s done well enough in his matchup against Nikola Jokic to shift the Phoenix Suns’ second-round series in their favor.Atlanta Hawks Swim Cap

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"Playing with a torn meniscus is not easy," Embiid said. "Pain is going to be there. You just got to manage it. Tonight, rolling on my ankle, and falling on my back, it's tough. But, it's the playoffs, I can't complain. I'm here to play. I've said in the past, whatever I can do, I'm gonna give it the best I got. Even if I'm playing injured, I still got to do my job. That's why they pay me, and I want to win the championship."Minnesota Timberwolves Swim Cap

“Becky’s in a spot now where she’s in a position of power,” Spurs guard Patty Mills told USA TODAY Sports. “She’s able to direct guys on what to do and that all comes from work ethic and what she does behind the scenes and getting herself and our team ready for games. She is an NBA coach who knows her (expletive) and gets it done.”

It also probably saved the Nets from an early postseason exit. They’ll play Game 6 in Milwaukee on Thursday night with a chance to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.San Antonio Spurs Swim Cap

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