Welcome to the Runecraft Forums!


Welcome one and all to the new Runecraft Forums!

Please, if you are coming in, make yourself comfortable! Make an account and introduce yourself! :smile: We're hoping to make a good community and get input on the new Runes we will have coming down the line! Share your thoughts and share your Rune ideas!

We have two projects going on currently:

  1. Amuxix is working on a secret project that will not be released for some time, but should be a really good thing for Runecraft.
  2. Lvletei is currently fixing bugs and trying to get things in proper working order.

If you have questions or comments, ask and comment away! Someone, somewhere, will have an answer for your questions! We are always looking for a good discussion and we will do our best to answer as fully as we can!

There are a few rules, however, to the forums and blatant violations of the forum rules will result in being banned either temporarily or permanently:

  • Be respectful of others. This means no: name calling, spamming chat, pestering people for changes.
  • Being a good community member means you're more likely to get help later on.
  • Being someone's friend does not make you immune to the rules!

This list may not be final! Changes may come and go if the needs arise!

We hope everyone here has a good time and that is our number one goal. We realize that we have been absent for sometime and we are trying to get back at this. We are sorry for the inconviences that Runecraft has brought some servers and people. Please help us to make this not a good plugin/mod, but a great one!

Thank you for reading this. :smile:

-Rivkiin Shadows


  • Makuraudo
    Looking forward to future development
  • ethansito

    Howdy! Is this plugin still being developed?

  • Rivkiin

    Yes it is @ethansito !

  • Doruslol

    To whom it may concern,

    I have spent a lot of time working on the Genesis rune and for whatever reason can just not get it to work. Is there some special way I activate it? I'm almost 100% sure I set it up right.

    Is there something in the config I need to setup?

    Thank you for your time,

    BTW - Great plugin!!

  • Rivkiin

    Is it facing North?

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