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I noticed we did not have one of these, so here we are! Hello new members and welcome! Come and introduce yourselves! :smile: How are you all doing? :smiley:


  • Makuraudo

    Hey everyone! I am really looking forward to a new release of Runecraft. I have used it a lot in the past so this should be fun. My skills with advanced features are not too great, but I am always open to learn knew things. Also, I am not really used to talking on forums so this should be interesting.

  • DiVaux

    Hey gang! Glad to see Runecraft back in action because I've been missing it. Any word on an official server going up?

  • Azazel

    Glad to see Runecraft back up and running. Have been away from minecraft for a while now. I am helping a friend run a server, and i was hoping to put Runecraft On it.

  • Meri

    Hello there :)
    I'm not really "new" in that sense, I played Runecraft already in April 2011 on the first SMP I joined there, and I think back very kindly about my experiences back then, I got many good memories related to Runecraft, and although I didn't play with it anymore since 2013, I still can't forget it (and also don't want to) };]

    I'm happy it's still developed/updated, I wish I had the time to play with it on a nice SMP.

    There were apparently so many new things added since 2013, such a pity Ctri doesn't do his runecraft update videos anymore on his channel, I would love to at least theoretically catch up on everything :)

    If there's anyone making update videos about runes ever since Ctri stopped doing it, please recommend me their channel, I surely would look into that occasionally :)

    Take care, and all the best!

  • Rivkiin

    Hi @Meri!

    Nice to see you again! @lvletei and I are actually creating videos here. It's slow going because we both work full time, but the devlog should help out in getting you relatively caught up. Also, we do have a Discord if your interested. I know that C'tri is on it as well as SuperLlama and various other old Runecrafters.

    Take care for now! We'll see you soon!

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