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Hello, everyone!

First off I'd like to welcome you to the Runecraft forums! We hope you enjoy your time here, and find whatever information you're searching for.

We'd like to announce the opening of the new Runecraft official server Kendria! The server hosted by the developers for the community, and to further development on the plugin. This server will be running the newest version of the plugin at all times, with unreleased builds for testing and making the plugin that much better.

The IP is:

We hope to see you online!



  • SparroHawc

    Are the plugin files hosted anywhere? The latest download I can find is for Bukkit, and I'd love to have Runecraft on my servers again!

  • lvletei
    Memer AdministratorDeveloper

    @SparroHawc, currently the most updated file is found on our page. We're running the newest (unreleased) version on Kendria as a sneak peek, and testing build prior to release on Bukkit.

    As it sits right now, I've been fairly busy the past week or so and haven't had as much time to do what I had planned, but, expect a new build on Bukkit very soon.

    The current version should also be compatible with Spigot and Bukkit up to version 1.11 (the most recent).

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