Runecraft 3.1.0 Changelog

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The most of these changes are the results of Amuxix and Lvletei. Sorry about the lack of updates, we each have jobs, but we are putting work into this. Any and all bugs to be reported would be nice. Joining our Discord will ensure that you are up-to-date and you will be in direct contact with the DEV’s.

The link for the new version is here.

For reference, this is Runecraft version 3.1.0 after commit bd7f9733. This will allow us DEV's to find out if the issue is outdated or not.

Bug Fixes
* Faith now FTP's where there is no ward around.
* Shield now works in the off-hand.
* Torch Bearer no longer places on paths.
* Monsters can no longer be recalled.
* Inheritance no longer is infinite and saves levels.
* Levitation Obelisk now has particle effects.
* Magma blocks reduced to 64 energy instead of 1800.
* Faith Transfer Portal multiworld travel fixed. EDIT: This turned out to be false, we have fixed it and will push out an update in about a day.
* Energy Bar fixed.
* Initiation fixed.
* Reality Master optimized/rewritten. Thanks @Amuxix.
* Personal Teleporter fixed.
* Rubrik fixed.
* Fixed a lore issue.
* Fixed a head issue. This fixes the issue seen with Exotic Gardens.

Quality of life changes
* All messages have been updated.
* Tier is calculated based on energy. This will allow for the configuration update to be a bit more concise. A table will be posted for reference at some point.
* All blocks/items except for Firework Charges, Command Blocks, Monster Eggs, Bottles of Enchanting, all Enchangted Books, Barrier Blocks, End Portal Frames, Nether Portals, Fireworks, Command Block Minecarts, and End Portals, will have energy.
* Less people are on the debug list. But if you are an OP you can use a Nether Wart with Immersion and get debug messages. (BE CAREFUL, THIS IS SPAMMY!)
* More blocks added to check for safe-teleport, including cactus now!

Rune changes
* Aether Chest pattern now uses Magma Blocks instead of fire.
* Reality Master can run purely on PlayerEnergy. However, leaving might cause errors in console for a small while.
* Reality Master has seen a lot of changes here. There are some secret changes as well.
* Dispel has been changed to the old pattern, but has a new GUI interface that is rather straight forward. Thanks @Lvletei! Tier 2 and above won’t work as previously intended, but that will be changed.
* Shulker Boxes can be with new CONTENT(s)!

New Runes
* Absolution - Works the same way as Redemption but does not check for collisions. Created by Amuxix.
* Shell - Creates a Shell or Mold for a Faith Island, dependant on Tier. Created by Amuxix.
* Glowstick - Causes Monsters and Players in a 255 block radius to glow. Created by Rivkiin. NOTE: This may change to a tool rune later on. Thoughts would be nice. :)

This is Glowstick.

This is Absolution. Cobble is Signature.

This is Shell.

Known Caveats
* Warp is a bit bugged.
* Faith's don't bounce.
* Placing non-solid blocks near Toggle Blocks causes it not to be placed.
* Wards are a bit glitchy with their toggling.
* Multishot takes tipped and spectral arrows when it shouldn't.
* Transmuting a large radius disc might cause server lag/crash.
* Players may fall through Faiths when they move.
* Bottomless Cauldron doesn't always refill when a water bottle is used or quenching a player.
* Accelerator can be a bit buggy.
* Teleportation is a tad buggy with teleporting animals.
* Shulker boxes may lose their items when FTP-ed while placed down or Rubrik-ed.

Upcoming Features
* Something to do with the Enderdragon, Wither and Elder Guardians.
* Solar Flare may have new functionality.
* Various Rune Synergies.
* Configuration Update coming soon.

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